Charles Debbas established Debbas Architecture in Berkeley, California in 1989 where he quickly carved a niche as an architect whose work is fluid, well proportioned and non-traditional. Rooted in minimalism, his designs are inspired by Japanese architecture and the words and works of Louis Kahn, Le Corbusier, Luis Barragan and industrial designer Luigi Colani. Charles’ work captures the spirit of each project individually, steering clear of trends or solidly anchored styles of architecture, allowing the project to embrace genuine and timeless solutions in exploring clients’ aspirations and the infinite realm of creativity.

"...a wonderful architect with superlative technical skills, an understanding of the needs of people and how they will experience a space, and the creativity to execute the vision..."

The one prevalent question we are asked is what style of architecture our work is rooted in. At Debbas Architecture, we adhere to the principle that design opens the path to an infinite realm of ideas and possibilities. We encourage every project to assume its own identity without resorting to the mimicking of past styles or existing trends although we respectfully tap into them, at times, for inspiration.

Imitation, we believe, severely inhibits the infinite potential of thought, creativity, and the playful use of proportion, materials, color and light. Inspiration, on the other hand, allows us to embrace the spirit of something familiar—something comfortable and genuine without succumbing to trends and time.

"Charles Debbas is a creative visionary who can take any project of any size on nearly any budget and transform it into a timeless piece of art..."

Architecture, should strive to transcend its physicality and lead us on a journey of wonder and discovery—one that ignites all our senses, illuminates the path to our inner being, and sparks emotions and memories—old and new—timelessly in the way we experience it and in the ways it can speak to us or we to it.