“Charles Debbas is a creative visionary who can take any project of any size on nearly any budget and transform it into a timeless piece of art. For an award-winning architect who is obviously so well known and talented, Charles is refreshingly personable, completely eliminating the intimidation of the design and drafting process. He was very patient in guiding us seamlessly through what could otherwise be a daunting process. Charles asked all the right questions, both general and specific, and did not mind when we reconsidered or revisited issues on various design concepts he created for us, all of which were, in our opinion, “jaw dropping,” so that we could choose our final design. He genuinely listened to our needs regarding function, style and budget, and returned to us an incredible selection of design concepts that we would have never – never – considered, all of which were surprisingly cost-effective.”

— Susan and Joe D.

“We came across Charles’ work, noting his tasteful combination of materials, his understated and refined lines, his clever use of natural light, and the continuum of space in his designs. Our collaboration resulted in an inviting, attractive, comfortable space for which we earned the ASID Western Interior Design Award. The design is attractive and functional, with the finishes and manipulation of natural lighting creating a feeling of serenity, calm and quiet. ” Charles was and is a pleasure to work with. He had an uncanny way of understanding our goals, desires and concerns, yet his experience and foresight helped us avoid expensive and undesirable pitfalls as our journey together progressed. His intellect, sense of humor, engaging personality and enthusiasm was refreshing and proved essential. Every day, we appreciate Charles’ genius in Design, his talent in choosing materials and finishes, and his approach to space in creating a tranquil, inviting, relaxing home. He has since helped us with several minor “nips and tucks” around our home. He is a close friend and we love him.”

— Alice and John S.

“I have had an opportunity to visit and enjoy Charles’built work for extended periods of time. I am continually impressed by his mastery of natural light and the play of elegant materials and finishes. Everywhere you look there are visual surprises, yet all is comfortable and free from willful novelty. Charles Debbas is that rare creature, an artist-architect. His mastery of color, often neglected in buildings, is that of a skilled painter, while a joyful sculptural quality runs through all his work.”

— John K., Architecture critic/historian and friend

“He is both an exceptional architect and teacher. I was immediately impressed with Charles’ exceptional skill at imbuing everyday space with sculptural excitement. I remember a remarkable hillside house designed as a series of interpenetrating platforms, where space flowed down through an integrally hued concrete bathing sanctuary – as if the structure were an abstraction of the slope and its geology. The spine of another house arced upward in a wall of brilliant color and light. He is a master at manipulating natural light as well as wood, concrete, stone, steel, and glass.

Charles’ approach is timeless and environmental. His work does what Paul Klee said art should do, that is, “not to render the visible but to render visible.”

— Dan G., Architectural magazine editor, historian, and friend

“We were so smitten and delighted by Charles’ new plans, that we fired our Architect and begged Charles to work with us. Charles had the uncanny ability to say yes to everything that was demanded of him (changes) without giving up his vision, or ours. The fact that his art shapes volumes that houses people, schools, or public venues is the fortunate reward of his ability as a spatial genius. Charles gave our project his full attention, he worked diligently with the contractors visiting the progress on site almost daily. Through his generous spirit , and our mutual respect as artists, we’ve become close friends. After ten years standing, our construction continues to draw attention from architecture groups as well as museum groups nationwide. There is often someone taking pictures outside and asking to see more. We host tours of our personal art collection as well as our gorgeous gallery space, our art studio and most certainly the grandeur of the architecture. We have trodden hundreds, if not thousands of people through here oohing and awing all the way. And honestly, from paper to 3D, there is not one thing that we would change.”

— Sandy and Bob B.

“Charles is extremely hands on, carefully observant, detail oriented and flexible to adaptation as the project develops. We trust him totally; this trust comes from the experience of working together and the brilliant results attained. The scope of his creativity is far beyond that of other Architects. We are always amazed that Charles is able to develop fresh concepts that are exciting and innovative and not a replication of previous work. They are appropriate, site specific, exquisitely creative and stand the test of time. Our kitchen is like no other, remodeled in 2000, it looks today as if it were just designed. It still takes our breath away. It is beautiful, original, constructed with classic materials appropriate to our home, yet inventive in the way they are used…unique and timeless. Our current project, which we are the most excited about, is a 7000sqft Garden. Charles has designed an exquisite and reflective space that is sensitive to the issues of the movement of light throughout the day, the natural flow of land and the surroundings and how to provide privacy and beauty for us and the neighboring homes. His design again is extraordinary, there is a sense of quiet, unity and flow. We have been privileged to have met Charles Debbas so many yearsago as he has brought greater beauty in to our life and that of our family. He is a wonderful Architect with superlative technical skills, and more than that, he is an artist with a depth of visual perception as well as an understanding of the needs of people and how they will experience a space and the creativity to execute the vision. To end, everything Charles does is with foresight. His designs are trends free and timeless…”

— Helene and Michael B.

“…I told Charles what I wanted and was ecstatic when he immediately came up with a few ideas that were terrific, I had found my Architect. The plans were awe inspiring, exceeding my vision by miles. His attention to all marvelous details was amazing. Without Charles, the studio would never have been the wonderful space it was. For over 20 years it was an inspiration to me, it felt great to work there and I never got tired of watching the natural light change and throw different patterns against the walls. The uniqueness and timelessness of the design made it extremely difficult for me to give up the space and to this day I miss my studio…”

— Barbara E.